Project Zambia

Join us in bringing light to schools and communities around the wildlife-rich Lower Zambezi Area of Zambia.

Our work began in Zambia with the distribution of solar-powered LED lights to schools in the remote Western Province. We’ve since installed a solar microgrid at Sioma High School and Conservation Lower Zambezi. We just completed our latest microgrid installation at Mugurameno Basic School.

Mugurameno Basic is one of the most rural schools in Zambia, serving seven villages with nearly 600 students aged 7-16 years. The school has no running water or electricity, making education and teacher retention extremely difficult.

The microgrid we just finished installing uses a new model, whereby the school receives free electricity from the microgrid and the excess power is sold to surrounding community members who subscribe for power services. We laid subterranean lines to teacher and community member homes, and subscribers use a pay-as-you-go metering model to fund the maintenance and operation of the system and potentially repay a portion of the system’s capital costs. We can adjust the model based on capacity and the needs of the local community. The system will be closely monitored by EBL project managers (using technology that allows monitoring of real-time usage), our partners on the ground (through regular site visits) and with cooperation of community leadership.