Project Nepal

Join us in bringing power to the protectors of Chitwan National Park and empowering women entrepreneurs.

We’re working to bring solar to the protectors of Chitwan National Park, Nepal’s first National Park, which is home to one of the last populations of single-horned Asiatic rhinoceros and is also one of the last refuges of the Bengal Tiger.

The park is the last surviving example of the natural ecosystems of the Terai region and covers subtropical lowland, wedged between two east-west river valleys at the base of the Siwalik mountain range of the outer Himalayas. In 1996, an area of 75,000 hectares consisting of forests and private lands and surrounding the park was declared a buffer zone.

Building on the the work of Rebuild With Sun, which focused on emergency disaster relief, our projects benefit the local communities living in the buffer zone of Chitwan’s National Park. Last year, in partnership with Empower Generation, a Nepal-based organization that provides opportunities for women to become clean-energy entrepreneurs, we provided solar installations to a ranger station and tourist tower in the park, and earlier this year we installed solar on a second tourist tower in the park. The revenue generated from the tourist towers supports conservation efforts in the park, and helps families can avoid using the natural resources from the park. In partnering with  Empower Generation, these projects also helped establish women in business selling clean energy products to local buffer zone communities. 

Later this year, we plan to provide solar power to a second ranger station deep in the jungle.