Our Projects

Empowered by Light’s (EBL) mission is to improve lives and the environment through renewable energy technologies. Through our projects, we hope to demonstrate to developing countries that they can leapfrog decades of fossil fuel infrastructure development by powering their communities today with clean, renewable energy.

Together, with our partners, we combine resources to develop projects that accomplish local community objectives while drawing attention to our global campaign — to demonstrate urgency around climate change and to show solar as an immediate local and global solution.

We intend to make an impact on clean energy access and deploy models that bring the best of philanthropy and social impact market development. We create opportunities for partner employees to engage at all development stages of projects — from design through implementation. We further aim to develop projects that don’t distort long-term goals of providing opportunities for developing countries to invest in clean, affordable, reliable energy in their local markets.

We carefully select projects based on potential overall impact including improved living and learning conditions for schools, conservation centers, and their surrounding communities; women’s empowerment; improved hygiene; and improved opportunities for commerce. We then align appropriate technological solutions and scale our solar microgrids based on the needs of the local community.