Upcoming project: Conservation Lower Zambezi

Following the success of the micro grid we installed at Sioma High School last year, we are currently working on our second solar-powered micro grid in Zambia!

This 7-8kW system will power Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ), an education center in the wildlife-rich Lower Zambezi Area of Zambia, which provides environmental protection and awareness training for all the schools in the region as well as training for potential safari and tour guides. In addition to providing environmental education to local children and villagers, CLZĀ helps patrol the Lower Zambezi National Park to protect wildlife from poachers, and supports the Zambian Wildlife Authority in its efforts to reduce human/wildlife conflict in the heavily game-populated area.

CLZ plans to become our local partner in the Chiawa Game Management Area, helping us identify additional schools to provision with solar micro grids, and handling maintenance and operation functions on behalf of Empowered by Light.


Our project for 2015

We’re working hard to raise funds to build a third micro grid in Zambia shortly after the system at Conservation Lower Zambezi is up and running.

The solar micro grid we plan to build at the Mugurameno Basic School in the Lower Zambezi Area will test our new hybrid energy system, which will be part donation, part social enterprise.

To explain further, Mugurameno serves close to 600 students, with five teacher houses on campus and more than 60 homes situated nearby. Under the proposed hybrid model, the school would receive free electricity, and Empowered by Light would sell excess electricity to villagers in the surrounding area to power their homes and businesses, helping us offset the overall cost of the system.

Working with solar installer Standard Microgrid, EBL has identified several schools in this region which would be excellent candidates for this type of hybrid system.

We strongly believe this more sustainable model will be the focus of our work from now into the future.



Classrooms of Mugurameno Basic School

A potential subscriber of the electricity our solar micro grid will provide.

A potential subscriber of the electricity our solar micro grid will provide.


Sioma High School

Sioma High School launch event

The 106-panel photo-voltaic array with backup batter storage is working smoothly and providing clean, quiet electric power to 100 percent of the Sioma campus, including seven classrooms, four dormitories, kitchen and dining halls and the police office.

We recently received word from the Ministry of Education for Zambia that the micro grid is providing real, tangible benefits to the students at Sioma, including improved safety and hygiene on campus, and that the overall exam pass rate has jumped 89% since we commissioned the micro grid! Read more here.

In additional to saving the school as much as $21,000 each year in diesel costs, our solar micro grid has prevented the manufacture and release of 86,000 lbs of CO2 into the air each year.